Unique & memorable activities in Santorini
A Divine Experience to Remember

Staying in a cave hotel carved from the rocks of the Caldera is an experience in itself but your stay at Divine is only the beginning of your journey. We take great pride in arranging for you the most unique and memorable activities that will add to your Divine experience. Get ready to cruise the Aegean sea and visit the volcano, dive into a thermal dip and feel the hand of nature working its magic. Taste Santorini's finest wines during a special antiquity-wine tour, soar over Santorini's caldera and dramatic scenery with a helicopter, dive in Santorini's allure, capture the island's divine beauty and your most precious moments with the help of a professional photographer and dare to explore Santorini's hiking trails, hidden coves, snorkeling spots, gorgeous chapels and sugar-cube villages. We are here to make your every moment of every day unforgettable!

Experiences (upon arrangement) 

-Private daily sailing in the Caldera

-Wine tour to the ancient vineyards of Santorini

-Exploring the hiking trails of Santorini

-Capture your divine moments in Santorini with a  professional photo expert

-Helicopter flight

-Horse riding